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3D Designs

Colleen has had a lot of requests from people, based all over the country, to design their kitchens. There seems to be an increasing demand for good quality designs. Colleen now resides in the beautiful Limpopo bushveld, but a lot of her existing referral base still calls on her to design for them.

There are many reasons why clients may want drawings / 3D designs only:

  • The renovation / project may be located far away from Colleen, so she can’t necessarily install, but can at least supply a high quality design and layout
  • The client may want to do a DIY project or installation, but still wants to make sure that the correct design is used to optimise functionality
  • The client may have a manufacturer in mind, but want to call on design expertise for help in the layout and final effect, before placing an order for manufacturing.
  • So Colleen has now introduced “Design Only” fees to her services. The client would be required to supply floorplan with measurements, some photographs is possible, and a list of basic requirements for the area. From there, communication will take place via email or telephonically, while the design gets tweaked according to the client’s specifications.

    Design fees vary, and would be quoted off the floorplan supplied. A small kitchen would generally be billed at R2000.00, and a large kitchen with scullery approximately R4000.00. This would include a full set of 3D drawings, an itemised floorplan and elevations with dimensions. It would also include 2 sets of changes (if any are required). Any changes over and above that would be charged at a 10th of the design fee (i.e. if initial drawing and 2 sets of changes have been made, and a 3rd revision is required – if the design fee was R3000.00, the next set of changes would be charged at R300.00). Each revision of the drawing thereafter would be charged as such, until the client was happy with a final layout.

    Once happy with the full design, Colleen would send copies of the floorplan (with each unit, panel and filler marked), final 3D’s, and elevation drawings with dimensions and notes. These drawings would then be forwarded, by the client, to their preferred manufacturer / installer.

    We would obviously love the opportunity to quote on the job (manufacture and installation), if the of the job warrants it, therefore enabling us to keep the costs competitive for the client. We do still actively install kitchens, and very often complete houses (built in cupboard, vanities, studies) all over the country. If you do accept our quotation, the design fees would be credited against the deposit required!